Aexa Edea assists generating IP relevant, market oriented innovation-flow

competitive innovation: market-oriented, IP-aware, endeavoring teams

aexa edea assists with innovation strategy and tactics, including streamlining portfolio of projects supporting the development of a relevant innovation-flow.

aexa edea assists in identifying innovation threats and opportunities, including IP, in view of the business strategy and enhancing the innovation process in light thereof.

aexa edea assists with setting up project teams, including interdisciplinary networking with outside skills and resources and synergies with relevant market partners.

Different industries, companies and projects often require different approaches to innovation. Common to most are the main steps of the innovation “chain-value” including:
a) the generation of ideas,
b) respective selection and resource allocation;
c) timely implementation (often the most challenging).

Other aspects that are common include:
- defining an IP management strategy: this should be aligned with the development stage, business model and financing strategy;
- developing competitive (and IP) intelligence: activities addressing future direction and shape of relevant technologies and industries.

Related issues include how to organize human and information resources in view of highest innovation productivity and strategic goals.

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Aexa Edea assists building cost-effective competitive IP Portfolios

IP management: the same investment may provide very different scopes and efficacy of IP protection and value…

aexa edea aassists developing competitive IP Portfolios, aligned with the overall business strategy and often uncovering further related opportunities.

aexa edea assists optimizing and hedging IP costs and risks, including by anticipating risks of conflict, securing freedom to operate and optimizing the resulting competitive scope of protection.

aexa edea provides technical support to IP conflicts, including offensive and defensive cases and abridging different IP classes.

IP management goes (much) beyond drafting patents. An optimized IP portfolio often includes trademarks, copyright, patents, industrial designs and trade secrets, the relative proportion of which basically depends on the type of industry, technology life-cycle and business strategy.

In general, activities of IP (portfolio) management include: - IP analysis and monitoring (including “Freedom-to-Operate”, “target IP intelligence” analysis and ongoing “IP vigilance”),
- expert IP assessment of new ideas and drafting of respective applications, and
- business oriented, diversified IP portfolio development.

IP management typically considers various levels of goals, such as:
- avoiding IP threats and hedging IP risks (including via cross-licensing);
- protecting R&D results and related prospective “monopoly margins”;
- licensing out non-critical IP rights.

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Aexa Edea assists with optimizing returns from patents and know-how

intangible assets: qualified people, information resources, IP portfolio, brand recognition…

aexa edea provides general advice on developing competitive intangible assets, including innovation teams and IP Portfolios, in particular patents and know-how, in line with business strategy.

aexa edea assists with due-diligence and valuation of IP Portfolios, including different types thereof and as part of different business transactions

aexa edea assists with different IP transactions ranging from seed financing of IP, commercialization of IP Portfolios and more complex transactions based upon IP Portfolios.

Management of intangible assets (IA) requires developing a holistic strategy that goes beyond IP, since know-how, human resources and information resources are among key components of intangible assets in any given project/ institution, and key-drivers of IP development.

Often barely showing up in accounting statements, they are widely regarded to account for substantial fractions of the total market value of many companies (both publicly traded and privately held).

Typically, each type of IA gets a particular, often dedicated approach within an organization.

Besides of IA strategy and valuation, other relevant activities include assembling specific IP vehicles (e.g., “special patent funds”).

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aexa edea assists most aspects relating to strategic management of innovation, IP and intangible assets, in particular their know-how and patent portfolios, specially in view of asset managing their value.

COMPETITIVE INNOVATION: the type of “pipeline” and the quality of the information available there along often determine the resulting value and opportunities

Aexa Edea assists optimizing the risks and potential returns arising from a competitive IP Portfolio

Competing IP analysis: ranging from extensive assessments of prior art (“freedom to operate”) to ongoing surveillance of relevant IP landscape;

IP Portfolio development: attaining a cost-efficient IP protection and ROI, including advising on the mix of registered IP and unregistered forms of IP;

IP risks and conflicts: anticipating risks of conflict, preparing supporting assessments and advising both offensive and defensive IP conflicts

IP PORTFOLIOS: know how, patents and other IP often provide enhanced market advantages and return opportunities

Aexa Edea provides support in several aspects affecting the value and range of opportunities resulting from investments in competitive innovation

strategy and tactics: advice to the overall approach to innovation, means required and relevant “go to market” and “time to market” of projects;

technology scouting: international surveillance of market developments and search for complimentary technology best-fits;

brain-power networking: mostly for interdisciplinary complement of innovation teams at specific projects with synergistic skills and know how

IP ASSET MANAGEMENT:IP-proficient ventures often present more business opportunities and the highest return on innovation

Aexa Edea provides support in several aspects affecting the value and range of opportunities resulting from investments in competitive innovation

General advisory: developing competitive intangible assets, including innovation teams and IP Portfolios, in view of commercialization;

IP transactions: including due-diligence and valuation of IP Portfolios and assists with different IP transactions (e.g., licensing, pooling);

IP-leveraged ventures: ranging from seed financing of IP, commercialization of IP Portfolios and more complex transactions based upon IP Portfolios.


aexa edea works with business ventures in different stages of development, active in different industries, using different technologies and addressing different users, thus harnessing network and context externalities.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Distributed Energy

Distributed Energy

Information Systems

Information Systems

Venture Capital

Venture Capital

CONSUMER GOODS: tradition-rich, international brand expanding into new segments

"Aexa Edea has become part of our Innovation team, providing ongoing assistance in anticipating IP conflict risks and in streamlining ideas in view of developing an IP Portfolio providing freedom to operate in a market of increasing competition.
Aexa Edea’s contribution has proven important to the success of our organization."

Innovation Managing Director, Consumer Goods Corporation

DISTRIBUTED ENERGY: start-up with innovative “out-of-the-panel” solutions

"IP front-loading is often of paramount importance to start-up companies but can easily become a significant investment and a major disclosure of relevant know-how.
Aexa Edea is advising us from day one on the advancement of a pipeline of patents and know-how, so as to manage their costs and degree of disclosure in close relation with our go to market strategy"

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Industry

INFORMATION SYSTEMS: core skills R&D team with a wide-scope of potential applications

"Aexa Edea works with us mostly in aligning R&D with market opportunities, in securing IP and in finding prospective licensees for the technology solutions we develop.
Sometimes Aexa also uncovers additional application possibilities for said solutions"

Head of Department, Information Systems Research Institute

VENTURE CAPITAL: International partnership seeking early stage investment opportunities

"We have exposure to a diversified deal flow of mostly early stage innovation projects. In most cases we count on Aexa Edea to assist on due diligence of such opportunities and supporting further IP development.

Managing Partner, Venture Capital Partnership


aexa edea works mostly in long-term relations, as part of the team, in an ongoing, systematic basis, so as to maximize innovation productivity and results in a medium / long-term horizon.

case-study #1

IP turnaround: new product line under “nuclear-threat” by patents of a competitor…

Management took swift action: R&D and proactive IP management were brought together in a team to identify and secure innovation opportunities.

In about one year 10 patent applications were filed to secure its ideas and new products. Eventually more importantly, the company is now practicing competitive innovation, not just following the market.

case-study #2

IP-aware R&D: it is increasingly riskier investing in innovation without knowing what has already been done before…

Based on detailed analysis of the state of technique, a pathway was identified to be followed by product development, not only avoiding existing patents but also exploring respective weaknesses.

A substantially unexploited “free space” was identified in a “crowded” field of patents, and provided support for a range of product solutions and advantageous functionalities to be developed thereupon.

case-study #3

IP valuation: a pipeline of patents on a novel technology. What is the value thereof?

An initial set of patents and a pipeline of further patents was identified. VC financing required a valuation of said IP Portfolio.

The valuation of this type of assets is traditionally difficult, specially when relating to a disruptive technology and/ or a yet non-existing market.

In certain cases, valuation should also consider registerable and non-registerable IP assets.


European partnership assembling pool of knowledge in different scientific fields and in the areas of Industrial Design, Product Development, IP Law, Strategic Marketing and Investment Management.

Pool of know-how: in different scientific and technology fields, as well as certain industrial application areas, and along the areas of Industrial Design, IP Law, Strategic Marketing and Investment Management, available in the most representative European languages.

Basic competences: integrated delivery of pool of know-how (as required), own experience in leading competitive innovation management and IP management across different countries, industries and projects, proactive participation in the innovation & intellectual property processes, assisting networking with other innovation resources and accessing to other financial means, business results oriented approach.

Underlying goal: participation and long-term involvement in different projects, team-up with different institutions across different technology fields and industries, in view of enhancing respective competitive innovation, IP productivity and value of intangible assets.


Services extend across three main subjects (competitive innovation, intellectual property and intangible assets management), and their scope and depth are substantially determined by the type of industry, technology development stage, business development stage and set-up factors (prevailing culture, strategy).

Services vary in their scope and intensity as required by each case, and may comprise support to the planning and development according to business development stage.

Typically, services are rendered on an ongoing, systematic basis, so as to maximize productivity and results in a medium-/ long-term horizon.


Developed or is developing activities relating to innovation and intellectual property in the following industries:

-energy systems and technology;

-information systems and technology;

-construction and production systems and technology;

-food and consumer goods;

-seaborne and airborne means.


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